Guilty Pleasures

This blog post isn’t about sex, unfortunately. It is a fairly misleading title, but it’s really about doing the things you like to do, and being proud of them.


I love bowling. It may not be the most conventional sport, or even the ‘coolest’ one, but I really enjoy it and it’s different.

Instead of hiding your ‘guilty pleasures’ away, I believe people should put them on display! Even I am guilty (pun always intended) of hiding away the things I enjoy. While I do like mainstream activities like following the NBA or avidly following what’s current in television and film, what I love isn’t obvious at first glance. You see, I am an intense board game player as well as a pretty great bowler. Both are things my close friends may know, but not many outside of them are aware.

Being weird is an important part of my life. I find it to ask someone what TV shows they watch and have their response be Breaking Bad.* While it’s obviously a good show, but it doesn’t tell me anything about you. Having interests outside the box is a good thing!

I love learning about new things from passionate people. So when I meet someone who tells me of a love for Irish hurling, Korean action movies, or deer hunting, I am all ears. Do I want to hear 2 hours of a topic I may be interested in? No. It is important to realize that not everyone will be as fascinated by your unique hobby as you are.

Trying new things is an important part of life, and has opened me up to things I would have never even known existed. I used to tease one of my friends because he was trying out for our high school bowling team. After accepting an invite to join him, I realized it was a lot of fun and I was pretty good at it.

Fast forward seven years and here I am, writing a blog about writing about the same thing that my other friends are now making fun of me for. Life is a circle, huh?




*I think Breaking Bad is one of the best shows ever made.








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