Final Refleciton

Re-reading, editing, and re-reading all of my old blog posts has allowed me to really think about my time here at STAC and my time in this class. I came to St. Thomas Aquinas College and more specifically, this blogging class not knowing what to expect. I had never written a blog, avidly followed a blog, or even thought of myself as a writer. As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved telling stories. My family and friends can definitely attest to this.

As I was editing my “Bio” for this blog, I was instantly transported not only back into the oft-mentioned library, but the classroom itself. I can remember how annoyed I was getting, and how easily that story flowed onto the page and out of my mouth. I think I really scared some people in the class. Looking back on it, I realized I probably sounded like a psycho. Most of what I was saying was just for the jokes, with a little bit of hard-earned annoyance in there, but I realized then and still do now that it can come off as mean-spirited. I have no ill-will towards the “LL’s” as I called them back in February. This, amongst others, was an event that made me realize how much I enjoy speaking my mind. Like seriously, I read that again and was kind of amazed you didn’t tell me to re-write it. I wrote a little biographical information about myself and then broke into a(n attempted) Larry David style rant there. There was more about these rando-girls talking about politics than there was facts about my life. I also wrote this joke about beating senior citizens at the park in basketball, and people just did not get it. It really fell flat. I think I had to tell people it was a joke. Telling someone that you were joking is generally an uncomfortable situation for all. I think I was able to restrain myself since then from being too weird, or maybe people just got used to it.

Which led me to once again realize how aptly named my blog is. My blogs don’t really have the flow of a normally written blog and I like that. I wanted them to feel like I was just having a conversation with the reader/ranting about whatever was on my mind at the time. I think I have a lot more to say, so I might actually keep this blog going. I don’t know why, but actually publishing the posts online felt a lot cooler than just having a bunch of word documents in a folder on my laptop. I think taking the time, putting the pictures in, editing, and re-reading the individual pieces gave me a larger appreciate for what I had written. Also the tons of edits from Professor Winship (you) were extremely helpful. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I didn’t take your advice on the corrections. Sometimes you gotta stick to your guns, man.

But I think you appreciate that about me, and the other students in the class. You saw that we were all individuals with different things in mind for the class, so you read the things we read and tried to think the way we think. So thank you for taking the time to not only edit our work, but to understand where we were coming from and helping us develop voices in writing.

Also, I loved the other kids in the class. A lot of different but strong personalities.I was really happy that whenever I would randomly bring up a subject (sorry about that), people were ready to either agree with me, or vehemently oppose me. I think on top of all of the things we learned about blogs, some of my favorite parts of the class were the discussions we had. I really enjoyed discussing/debating the many social and ethical issues that were brought up.

It really does feel like just yesterday (pardon the cliche) that I walked into this classroom, confused but excited to start the blogging journey. As I write this, I think more and more how my story telling has evolved. I think youngest children when they are growing up feel the need to express themselves in one way or another that makes them stand out. I literally can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a sarcastic little shit. I was probably a monster as a kid in middle school, talking back and overall disrupting the class. Although I’d like to think that I have evolved since that time, did I really? I still disrupt the class, but it is in hope that it can further a discussion or at least, at the very least give my point of view.

When given the assignment to read the 15 page story on sexual relations between professors and students, I found it extremely difficult to not give my personal opinion and keep it objective. If I remember correctly (which I think I do), I was shaking with anticipation of getting to say what I really thought of that article. I’m glad we had that assignment because it took me out of my comfort zone a little. I love to talk about what I think, but objectively analyzing something is an extremely, extremely important tool to have in life and one that one could always use work on. Interestingly enough, I had different opinions on what the article was about objectively with my teammates! The Back Row Bunch. Who knew we could argue on the true intentions of the story! Nicole and Jenna (RIP- Rest in Psychology) really had different things to say about the article than I did, which obviously made for a better discussion.


Overall, 10/10 would recommend to a friend.